You have developed a great idea for a startup business, but now your next major step is securing a solid business structure to ensure your business’s success. Legally drafting and executing documents is an essential step in the development of your business because it solidifies your business arrangements and can help to protect yourself and your business from possible liabilities.

Formation of your business is a very personal and involved process that will provide you extensive insight into the plans and goals you have for your company. Therefore, corporate documents should be carefully customized to fit your particular circumstances. This personal planning process begins at the top, when deciding how to incorporate your business – whether as an LLC, S Corporation, non-profit, etc. – and continues into decisions regarding ownership, voting and all other important aspects of the corporate planning process.

The business planning process does not end once the initial details have been nailed down. There are many annual obligations that also must be complied and executed. It important to understand the various options available to you when creating, forming, and operating a business. By consulting an experienced attorney, you are ensuring that your business is started on a solid legal ground by reinforcing your planning strategy, which in turn lays the groundwork for success into the future.