Experience is everything.  

As a former prosecutor, Cole handled hundreds of DUI’s and thousands of miscellaneous criminal cases, ranging from 1st Degree Felonies punishable by life in prison all the way down to second-degree misdemeanors.  No matter what charge you are facing, Cole has the experience and the trial expertise to handle your case from the date you were arrested all the way through obtaining the jury’s verdict.  Getting arrested is extremely scary, especially for your first time.  Having seen these cases from both sides, there isn’t anyone better to guide you through this difficult process, while giving you honest and straightforward answers along the way.

The second you get arrested or if you are in jail, call 904-289-8065 to reach us.  You will want an attorney at you 9:00AM or 1:00PM First Appearance in front of your new Judge.





Univeristy of Florida, Levin College of Law

University of Florida




Best of the best

5.0 stars

Posted by Scott

I hired Cole Sullivan as a key member of my legal team for his experience in criminal law as well as his ability to navigate complex business litigation. My situation involved multiple cases across two states, and over two dozen co-defendants and had elements at both the State and Federal level. Cole was a key member of my team because he was able to perform any and all tasks assigned to him with efficiency and accuracy. He excels at high-level strategy and executing the specific tasks necessary to resolve issues quickly and efficiently…. and for a reasonable fee. If you’re like me, when you find yourself in a mess, you want somebody who can clean things up quickly, that’s why Cole is the first person I call when life throws me a curve.




Highly Recommendable

5.0 stars

Posted by Ashley 

Cole Sullivan was extremely fast and efficient . . . answered every question and takes great care of his clients! He works hard for his clients and was very informative and patient with all questions. I would highly recommend Mr. Sullivan to anyone looking for a great lawyer!





Off the Cuff Advice

5.0 stars

Posted by Joshua P.

You can be having a non-law-related conversation with Cole, and he’ll just naturally drop valuable legal advice.  If you weren’t paying attention, then you just missed out on hundreds of dollars worth of free advice.  I find that people like this, regardless of industry/craft, turn out to be the best of the bunch. Cole’s great results suggest that is true.